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If you would like to support this project and contribute to this first, or even future issues, then please click the link below which will redirect you to our Gofundme page. Any contributions are a huge help to the project, without which, the zines would not be possible. Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support A(r)t Home Zine. 

The support for this project has been incredible and the fruition of the zine would not have been possible without it. I would like to particularly thank ExWhyZed for printing the zines and being a continual support of the arts. I cannot thank them, nor recommend them enough!! For more information and for impeccable service and print quality, please check them out by clicking their logo below, you will not be disappointed.


I would also like to thank  Short Supply for their generous support of the project.

Short Supply is an artist-led organisation aiming to bridge the gap between early-career artists from the north and the more established art world through exhibitions, advice, commissions and access to a broader network.

Please make sure to take a look at Short Supply by clicking on their logo below.

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