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A(r)t Home Zine is a new publication curated by Louise Muriel Burns, which aims to return tactile interaction with contemporary art back to the audience. It is part of a larger project which will include online events.


This project is part of my final year project for the MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) course at Glasgow School of Art, in conjunction with Glasgow University.


The idea stemmed from research into the domestic space and utilising it for contemporary art display and interaction. The home has a history of associations with female acts of labour, which activists and artists have challenged in preceding years. Within this past year, the home has transitioned into a multipurpose space with many people working from home. There have been significant developments in the arts towards greater accessibility during this past year; however, this has translated to many exhibitions going digital. A(r)t Home Zine aims to contribute to the accessibility of art engagement whilst still allowing for more intimate, in-person experiences of work. 


The zine will act as an art intervention in the reader’s home and allow a more intimate, accessible experience with contemporary art. The artworks in the zine will encourage interaction and, in doing so, will create collective, shared experiences through the participation. The zine will also include removable, blank pages for the reader to add their own artwork responding to the first issue that can be returned and featured on the upcoming website. This is to include reciprocity and open a line of communication and conversation between the artists and the reader and between artworks.


The project has minimal funding and so I would be extremely grateful for any support through your donations. The money will directly fund any expenses for the project, with any remaining money being given to two charities focusing on domestic-related issues in Scotland. The first charity is The Daisy Project which is a domestic abuse advocacy and support service. The second is Social Bite which is a charity tackling homelessness across Scotland by offering jobs in their cafes, hot food and drink and has started ‘Scotland’s Housing First Programme.’ 

Please see the 'Support the Project' tab for more information.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this project! Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.


Take care,

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