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•    I grew up in Glasgow, completed my undergrad at GSA and I am currently doing my Masters at GSA.
•    One word to describe me: adventurous.
•    I had three male dolly’s named Timmy, Timmy Junior and Tanned Timmy.
•    I am 26 and still live at home.
•    I used to have an obsession with Bernard Matthew’s Dinosaur Turkey.
•    I think people should have told me I don’t make work intuitively before I came to my own realisation. •    Jared Hess films are my favourite.
•    I am only allowed fizzy juice at parties.
•    I have no desire to travel to outer-space.
•    I once had a Jack Russell called Juicy.
•    The bigger, the better.
•   I am a Virgo.
•    I probably won’t collaborate with you.

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